Saturday, 8 February 2014

News And Rumours

Life is getting a little crazy for me at the moment, and that fact, along with my current 'no-buy' status and the wheezing death-rattle of my bank account means that reviews may be a little few and far between for the next few weeks. But, I didn't want to let the blogging slide, so today I present a sort of News and Rumours post about all the makeup gossip I have accumulated over the last week.

First of all, I learnt that Bellabox is now stocking Lime Crime Lipsticks.

 Now, Lime Crime is a controversial brand, accused of repackaging and marking up a lot of their formulas and products. Here's a blog post with a little background. I am a little weary of purchasing from a brand with such a mixed reputation, but for those of you who do like Lime Crime, it is nice to see a new stockist in Australia.

Also on the Bellabox front, they have revealed that the theme of February's box will be 'Red Carpet'.

This excites me. I am hoping for some more glitz and glam, perhaps a lipstick, a perfume sample, maybe a few less skincare products and more of a focus on cosmetics and haircare. I'm intrigued.

Now some news from Kmart. A week or so ago Kmarts across Australia had a massive sale on their cosmetics, with huge markdowns across all of their brands. It has since been revealed that they are having a revamp of their cosmetics selection, and as well as introducing some Kmart owned makeup brands, they will also be stocking ELF!

Woop! This is pretty cool news for us ELF fans, as hopefully if the brand picks up steam over here we might see the prices drop and start to even out with the US prices.

I also was lucky enough to win a $125 Garnier Prize Pack courtesy of Priceline Australia. I entered a Facebook competition on a whim and I won all of these lovely goodies!

They haven't arrived as yet, but once they do I'll be doing an unboxing, and reviewing the items as I try them out. Exciting stuff!

And finally, on a more personal note, I have been getting out of the house a lot more. I've had a few trips to the grocery store, a couple of lovely walks around our local wildlife park, and a few fairly intense doctors appointments. I've got a few more appointments coming up over the next few weeks, which means life is a little stressful for me at the moment. I did consider putting the blog on hiatus, but I think it is important for me to keep it going, have a little fun and stick with it. So stick around!

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  1. oooooh i love ELF cosmetics!! i do hope my local KMart will be stocking them.

    it is also good news that you are getting out more, i am sure all of us in the Blogosphere are very proud of you and are all behind you with every wonderful step you make into the outside world. Keep blogging even during the stressful times, as it will give you a positive creative outlet in times of pressure. best wishes from Empress Bat xx