Legal Disclaimer:

Any products or items that I review on this blog I have paid for with my own money or have received as gifts from family members or friends. I have never received any products from companies (I wish!), and any opinions and views are purely my own. 

Miscellaneous Disclaimers:

1. I live in sunny Australia, so this makes the whole blahg a little different. When all you Northern Hemisphere folks are doing "Fall Fashion" I will be arse-backwards Spring cleaning my collection.

2. I will probably do a lot of uploading and whatnot from my trusty tablet, so apologies for any formatting or spelling errors. I will try my best to be fastidious but some things may escape my notice.

3. Somewhat of a "Trigger Warning" I suppose. I have a history of self harm, and while I do not want this to become a part of my blog in any way, it is possible that sometimes scars will be visible when doing swatches. I will do my best to avoid that, but I just thought I'd put it out there. 

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